"Our Trees"

John Denver Orchard

When our club celebrated its 15th anniversary 1996, we wanted to do something very special on this occasion - something that at the same time would symbolize John's commitment for our Earth and show that he was a good teacher for us.

Spontaneously, we had the idea to make sure that as many  trees as possible would be planted in the name of Plant-It 2000, an organization John founded, on a meadow in a hunting ground near Sinzig.

15 trees had been our target, one for each year. We asked our members, friends, relatives and just about everybody we knew to help us finance this project, and to our big surprise and joy, in the end we were able to plant not less than 50 trees on our club meeting that year - an afternoon that passed full of fun and laughter.

Only one year later, "our" orchard got an additional meaning for us - after John's fatal accident it became something like a little memorial for us - for John and for everything he evoked in us -- a better understanding for our environment and all the living creatures which belong to this.

We now visit the meadow each year together at our club meetings and take loving care of this little forest now with all the means we have to do this.

You can find a little collection of photos when you follow the links on top in the drop down menu "Our Orchard".

Recently, we set up a facebook page for the orchard to post photos and news. Please feel free to like it to remain up to date :)



Spring 1998 -
The first blossoms!!!